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Slat Repair

We have found a durable product that will save you money in so many ways.  The super great aspect of this application is that we can apply it to brand new concrete or well used or eroding concrete. 
This product will save your slats from eroding away and having to be replaced. We can build the height with the self leveling Slat Repair and restore integrity to your concrete. 

Unlike rubber mats, this is a disease free application.  Nothing is getting under this protective coating!  Have some chips and dings during construction?  No problem, we can repair those too!

This proven and unique coating will double the life of your slats or concrete.  It is a guaranteed coating for 15 years, and we feel that the coating will last well beyond 15 years with the proper maintenance and care. The finish is also slip resistant.

Where can we apply this coating? 
  • slats
  • feeders
  • drinkers
  • floors

Call Al today and schedule a quote, consultation, or just ask him some questions!  If you accurately describe your situation, then we can give you a reasonable quote.  If you need us to come out and take a look at your barn, there will be a travel fee.
Pitted Slat
Pitted Slat
This slat is near a hog feeder and eroded away. Slat Guard and Slat Repair can solve this problem.
This photo show the pitted slat repaired with Slat Repair and Slat Guard
This photo show the pitted slat repaired with Slat Repair and Slat Guard
Yes!, We can repair this too!
Yes!, We can repair this too!
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